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Deliciou is on a mission to make plant-based cooking easy and delicious for everyone! We make a range of products to help you enjoy plant-based meals. - Kjetil Hansen, Founder

Story of Deliciou

This is the story of how I invented Bacon Seasoning and pitched the product on Shark Tank!

I was probably the most serious bacon lover on the face of the planet.

I always disliked following lengthy and complicated recipes when cooking. Standing in front of the spice rack in the supermarket one day, the idea came to me: “what if there was a seasoning that made anything taste like bacon? That would make cooking easy, fun and tasty!”

So I went back to my kitchen table and started experimenting with different ingredients. For almost 8 months I blended spices, herbs and vegetable powders in my kitchen mixer to perfect the recipe. After a long time, and help from a food specialist, a zero calories, low fat, low sodium and vegan Bacon Seasoning was invented!

We launched the seasoning online at www.deliciou.com and the response was incredible. We quickly became the highest rated seasoning of all time. People were losing their minds over it and put it on popcorn, eggs, vegetables, Mac’n Cheese and anything else.

I went on to pitch the idea on Shark Tank and the popularity over the seasoning literally exploded. The most exciting outcome for me, is to see so many people all around the world having a wonderful time cooking again. Everyone deserves to have fun cooking, and Deliciou’s Bacon Seasoning helps making cooking more exciting for everyone!

Kjetil Hansen - Founder